Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Finally! The work I was hoping for!

Puddles from the rain storm
Yesterday was quite the eventful day.  First we awoke to a downpour, which completely muddied our paths to the library.  There were some roads that were completely flooded, and I saw a taxi attempt to drive through said flood.  He managed to cross the water, but as soon as he did, his car must have been giving him some problems as he kept getting out of his car and attempting to restart the car.  Needless to say, our feet were muddy and gross the entire day, and I am pretty sure my feet are stained red from the clay. 

Yesterday, we met with a few people from the library, and we were introduced to the InoTech Scamax M06 scanner the library had just purchased a few weeks ago.  This scanner scans books, so long as they are unbounded and in loose-leaf form.  We were shown how it works, and then we were told that we needed to construct a workflow on how to use the scanner.  I was excited about this because 1.  I know how to make a stellar workflow handout due to my experiences at Taubman and 2.  I was able to play with a book scanner for the first time in my career.  I have been fortunate enough to take part in all the tasks regarding digitizing books, except for the actual digitizing part. 

The library has has two Atiz BookDrive scanners, a BookDrive Pro and a BookDrive MiniYesterday afternoon, I was introduced to both scanners, and was able to scan 200 pages from what they consider to be an old PhD Thesis (from 1967)!  The second part of our project is to prepare a cost analysis between the two scanners and provide some recommendations on what we think is the best financial option (or options as it will be dependent on the quality and age of the materials) for the library. 

This morning, we are working on creating our workflow for the InoTech Scamax M06 scanner, and this afternoon, I think I get to do some more scanning!!  I am really happy at the moment :)

When we returned home yesterday, we had to pay the remaining balance on our dorm stay, and as we were doing so, we were told we had to switch dorms as they were closing Elizabeth Frances Sey Hall for the summer.  This news came out of nowhere for us, so last night as I was packing, I was able to get a move on for my packing back home to the States (I leave in a week's time).    We moved into our new dorm this morning, and it leaves much to be desired.  The walls are stained and there were bugs everywhere when we first arrived.  Justice was there and swept them away for us, but I think we will have to do a fair amount of cleaning and maybe a few repairs (our toilet seat cover is not attached the toilet).  Luckily, I only have a few nights there (as we will be gone for at least 2 nights at Mole National Park), but it wouldn't hurt to spruce the place up for Amanda's extended stay.


  1. 3 cheers that you finally got the work you came for!Too bad about the move, though. It would have been so much easier to stay put. Have fun in Mole National Park!

    1. I definitely agree about the staying put part. We had to move rooms three times because the first room was infested with insects, the second room didn't have a working toilet, and our third and final room seems to be okay, albeit a bit dirty.