Friday, 8 June 2012

The Whirlwind at the End of the Week

Scanning using the Mekel M200X
Yesterday was another exciting day of scanning!  Except, we also were able to learn and practice using the Mekel M200X scanner for scanning Microfilm and Microfiche files!  Akwasi is the sole person who digitizes theses from microfilm/microfiche formats, and he has lots of shelves with theses that need to be scanned.  He introduced us to how the scanner works, as well as to the imaging software that is used to run post-production on the images, Image Mate for Presentation (this is also used to capture the images onto the computer).  After a brief introduction, we were left to our own devices (and Richmond) to practice scanning from microfilm (another great thing to add to my resume!)

After we were in the microfilm room for an hour and a half, it was time to break for lunch.  When we returned, we headed straight to the digitization room on the 3rd floor to continue our work with the Atiz BookDrive scanners.  Shortly after we arrived, Mrs. Adanu called and she wanted to take me and Amanda to the mall so we could see the store where we could have clothes made for us.  She then had to go to a grocery store in the mall called Max Mart.  This store was AWESOME because not only did they have JIF peanut butter(!) but they had a lot of American food that Amanda in particular has been craving such as skittles, and potato chips, M&Ms (for me!) and other such goodies.  We were really excited about it, and are planning to go back on our own this weekend. 

This morning, we are finishing up our cost analysis that is due at 11 this morning.  It is turning out quite well, and I am excited to finish this so that I may continue working on the other projects I was given and hopefully complete them before I leave. 

Today, there is a library-wide lunch event honoring retirees of the library.  Free food!  It supposedly starts at 11, but we were told that many things don't start on time, so we would be lucky if they started at noon.  We were also told that it would last all afternoon until 4 and there would be dancing and drinking, and an all around good time.  Let's hope that it doesn't rain as it is being held in one of the courtyards outside (Although, it would be nice to leave the function a bit early to work on our projects!).  It will be a great opportunity to get to meet a lot of new people and possibly network! 

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