Thursday, 17 May 2012

Akwaaba! (Welcome!) Part II

A quick note of a few things I forgot to mention and thought were important:

1.  Amanda and I are working closely with a Ghanian named Henry, and he is quite awesome.  He comes from a large family with 23 other siblings!  He has been working at the Balme Library for 6 years and has been showing us the ins and outs of the library and Ghanian culture.

2.  The men here in Ghana open doors for the women and if there are a shortage of chairs, they have to let the women take the chairs (Henry says their mothers teach them these things when they are young).  We aren't supposed to eat food using our fingers from our left hand, unless we are eating chicken....then it's okay.  It's also okay to eat food with your left hand if you are using a utensil.  You can eat food with your fingers (such as rice) from your right hand, and no one seems to mind. 

3.  Something Amanda and I haven't quite been able to figure out yet is that all of the bathrooms here in the Library are locked--so if we need to go, we have to go and find a staff member with a key.  This at times can be quite embarrassing due to the amount of water we drink to try and stay hydrated!  We thought we found one bathroom that was unlocked, but the individual stall doors were the mystery continues. 

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