Monday, 21 May 2012

Library Work

Here is a little bit on the things I will be working on while here at the Balme Library.

My first task (due Wednesday with Amanda) is to give a 1-2 hour seminar to graduate students and Senior Staff members on digitization as a technique for libraries to perserve their materials and collections.  We found out about this presentation first thing this morning.  We have to give our seminar at 10am on Wednesday.  For this, I am looking at some documents and readings from courses I have taken at SI and going over some old lecture notes (good thing I emailed these to myself before I left!).  We will be giving an introduction to digitization (as many students here don't know what that is), and then talking about our own experiences with the process.  I will be mentioning my work I did over Spring Break at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington D.C. with their Luna BookReader Views, as well as my research project with Professor Conway on the HathiTrust Digital Library Repository.  Amanda will be talking about the works done at U of M's Bentley Historical Library and the Deep Blue Repository for papers published by U of M's research community.  We meet this afternoon in our office to consolidate our individual outlines and produce our PowerPoint slides.

My second task is to develop a workflow process (based off of similar processes at U of M) for the Balme Library to use when they digitize materials.  This will involve a more indepth look back on my previous coursework from my classes at SI.  I am excited about this aspect of the project because this part is in direct conjunction with what I want to do when I graduate with my Master's! :)

I also have to give two presentations on two different citation management softwares: EndNote and Mendeley.  These two presentations shouldn't be too bad, because I have learned how to work with these quite a bit during my time at Taubman Health Sciences Library, and I have actually sat through an EndNote presentation and been able to play around with both softwares.  A date fr this has yet to be set, but it will be sometime before I leave for home. 

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