Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday afternoon out of the office!

As promised, Justice took me and Amanda out of the office for a good chunk of the afternoon.  We had lunch at the University of Ghana Guest Center which consisted of fried rice, chicken, and a teeny tiny salad.  As Amanda noticed, it seems that the rice is the main entree due to the sheer size of the portions they provide--really it's enough food for a day! 

We then took a taxi to Madina so that I could purchase a cell phone.  There was construction on the road there so traffic was very slow going--and the heat was intense inside the taxi.  I just checked the weather and it is currently 88F with 64% humidity, so it feels like 95F.  Hot hot hot.  Especially in jeans.  The dust from the road was blowing around and I just took off my flats and I can't tell if I am tan, or if my feet are covered in dirt.  I think we are going to go with the tan theory for now. 

Madina was really neat--there were lots of little markets set up with people trying to sell clothes, sandals, water, fruits, almost anything really.  It would have been a bit more enjoyable had it been a tad cooler and my eyes weren't caked in dust.  All of this is part of the Africa experience though and I wouldn't change a thing!

We took a tro-tro (a tight mini-van with seats for 15 people!) back to the university.  The taxi ride was 6 cedis to Madina, and the tro-tro was 1.4 cedis.  What a bargain.  They seem to drive faster too, partly because I think they are bigger and if it came down to two cars colliding, the tro-tro would have the upper hand. 

We did A LOT of walking this afternoon and we are both quite tired.  I have a slight headache and I think it might be from the heat.  Justice bought us some water and we are now in our air conditioned office! 

Tonight Justice is taking us to this restaurant with live music so we can experience more Ghanian food and music.  I think Amanda and I are both excited, but a little tired.  Tomorrow we are thinking about going to the Atlantic Ocean! 

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