Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Dreams in Ghana

So during my time here, I have had some crazy dreams, (some of them reccuring) but the one I had last night definitely takes the cake.  I was telling my friend from UM about it, and she said I should include this in my blog.  So here goes!

A few of my friends from Michigan came to visit me here in Ghana.  We were at this restaurant eating and watching the news because Accra was due for a severe thunderstorm.  There were a line of tornadoes to the west of Accra, so we were now under a tornado watch. 

I hate tornadoes.  Apparently the bartender did as well, because he gave everyone free samples (about 4 ounces) of beer.  We were drinking our beer and watching the TV.  I was saving my little 4 ounces until it was confirmed we had a warning.  My brother Trevor then appeared...seemingly out of nowhere, and I was happy to see someone from my family there.  He sat next to me and as I was talking to my friend George about the weather, (we took a meteorolgy class together at Calvin) Trevor had consumed my beer.  I was not happy and may have raised my voice and hit him the shoulder.  He then left the table (I assumed to get me some beer) and at the point, the meteorolgist on TV showed some weather arrows and confirmed that we had a tornado warning. 

All of my friends from UM had dispersed in search of the tornado shelter (it was about a 30 minute walk from where we were eating).  I went to go get Trevor because I didnt want to get in trouble for not getting him when I got back home (in the off chance that he died in the tornado, of course).  But as I got Trevor, I saw my dad there!  I was so happy!  The three of us started to walk to the car (apparently he drove the trailblazer over the ocean) and looked up at the clouds.  We noticed that the clouds were actually HUGE waves from the ocean.   They started to crash into the area where we were and everything was being flooded (these waves were more than 12 stories high!!!).  As we were standing still in awe of our impending doom, my brother Brandon approached us.  He walked with us to the car, but he wouldn't get in.  I tried my best to persuade him to get in the car because it was much quicker at this point to drive to the tornado shelter as opposed to walking.  He still refused to get in the car.

My dad then just started to drive and apparently this caught Brandon's attention, and he finally jumped in the car.  I get a phone call to my cellphone and I answer it.  The woman on the other end says to me, "Hi Stacy, it's Grandma.  How is your time in Disney World with Kelly?"  (Kelly is my cousin) only the voice didn't sound like my Grandma's sounded like a wavering Kelly voice.  I found out Kelly was trying to impersonate our Grandma's voice.  As I was trying to figure out what was going on, my dad was driving and there in the crowd was Kelly, wearing her Michigan State sweatshirt and some shorts. 

My dad stopped the car, and Brandon and I ran out to her.  Kelly was in a dazed state, and we were trying to tell her what was going on with the floods and tornado.  It was a struggle, but Brandon and I convinced her to get in the car with us. 

My dad pulled up to the tornado shelter which was similar to a big cave.  We each piled out of the car and started to enter the cave with the other Ghanaians around us.  We heard this huge noise, and there were flood gates which were probably close to 40 stories tall that were being shut to try and keep the water from coming in and drowning everyone (or at least give everyone some more time to get to safety). 

For some reason unbeknownst to me, there were a few glass windows about a story tall within the walls of the floodgates.  These started to shatter and water flowed in through them.  The five of us started to run into the cave.  At this point, Brandon commandeered a rogue camel, and tried fighting the bad guys on the other side of the floodgate (beacause, apparently there were bad guys who were controlling the water and the floods?).  I yelled and yelled for Brandon to get into the cave, and decided that I couldn't save him and ran into the cave.  Brandon then got off the camel and said, "Okay, I have done all that I can" and headed into the cave.

Then I woke up. 

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