Monday, 21 May 2012

Chez Afrique

Friday evening, Justice picked us up and we went to a nice restaurant/bar/nightclub called Chez Afrique.  It is an outside open air bar with many colored Christmas lights strung about the place.  A few of the tables were covered with these beautiful African quilted fabrics (I hope to buy one before I leave!).  There were some nice tables under an awning area, and then there were some plastic patio furniture in the open areas.  He wanted to take us there on Friday because there was a live band playing music there for the evening.  As we were preparing to eat our dinner, we listened to some songs we recognized from America, and home didn't feel so far away. 

Chicken, Banku, and Pepper Sauce
Amanda and I both tred a Ghanaian beer, Star beer.  It reminded me of PBR a little bit, but it wasn't bad.  For dinner, the three of us ordered a Ghanian dish called Banku.  Amanda and I ordered ours with chicken, and Justice ordered his with Tilapia (which had not been skinned and its mouth was still attached to the body!).  To eat the banku dish, you are supposed to pull apart a small piece of dough, dip it in the pepper sauce, pop it in your mouth, and swallow without chewing.  Chicken is eaten with your fingers.  After awhile, I didn't like the taste of the banku, so I focused more on the chicken.  All of the chicken they serve here that we have had, have had spices to add some awesome flavor to the meat.  The pepper sauce helped as well. 

After dinner, the live band started playing some Ghanaian music and people started to dance.  Amanda and I really didn't want to dance, but after enough encouragement from Justice, we decided to give it a go.  Ghanaians don't particularly do much of the dirty dancing that is found in most bars in the United States; they generally hold hands and step left to right and the guys love to spin (twirl) the girls.  Amanda and I decided to try and introduce the Ghanains to some classic American moves such as the Sprinker, Shopping Cart, and Lawn Mower.  The Ghanians around us loved it and it was fun.  After an hour or so of dancing, we were quite tired and Justice took us home. 


  1. This food looks delicious!!!

  2. It has been quite good, the food we've had here. There was only so much of the banku dough you could eat before tiring of it. They love their chicken here. It's funny :)